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Friday, March 19, 2010

SJ Day update on the 'Marked' series

In my 'Where are they now? - Author updates' post, I said I couldn't find any information on the status of SJ Day's 'Marked' series:

Well I now have an update, and it's bad news. It's all explained in this post by Ms. Day. But basically: SJ Day has successfully pitched a new paranormal romance series to Penguin's 'NAL'. This means Ms. Day won't be working with her previous publisher 'TOR' ... which means no more 'Marked' series in the immediate future. She could renew her contract and write more 'Eve' books (she says she still has ideas for the series) but I got the impression that fans would have to wait a long time.

Our only consolation is that SJ Day's short story in 'The Mammoth book of Paranormal Romance' anthology (released October 5th, 2010) is set in the 'Marked' universe and will wrap up the series (editing permitting).

In the mean time, keep your eyes pealed for new work by 'Sylvia Day'. Not much is known about the new series - except that it is a 'paranormal romance' and it is indeed a 'series', not stand-alone.

I am actually quite saddened by this news. I thought the 'Marked' series hit its stride with book #3 ' Eve of Chaos' - which beautifully set up a complicated and intriguing plot line for future books. I was looking forward to reading about how this universe would grow.

Oh well. All I can hope for now is some sort of resolution with regards to who Eve chose - Cain or Abel?


  1. Wow, that sucks. I was hoping for more adventures with Eve, and of course that cliffhanger ending...

  2. I'm surprised that series is not going forward..each book really grew in my opinion and I thought they were relatively popular. But I understand the editor switch etc..

    Thanks for the info

  3. I havent read of these books, i hadnt even heard of them... I'll wait a while before getting them, they do look awesome!

    I hate when a series hits stride and there no more books =((((



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