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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bidding Wars for a Good Cause!

Last night was the last opportunity for eager bookish bidders to participate in the 'Authors for Queensland' online auction.

Much keyboard smashing ensued and I came away with three (lovely) items... And I was reminded why I banned myself from Ebay (I like to win. I'm sorry if I out-bid you and did a happy dance to celebrate).

It was all much fun and the organizers did an *AMAZING* job for a worthy cause. They definitely deserve a hat-tip and slap on the back.

And even if you were out-bid, you can still give to the flood appeal. Every little bit is needed and appreciated!


  1. I'll bet that was a lot of fun - and for a great cause!!!

    (And I have to laugh - I use the "hat tip" phrase in my Wednesday post, lol, we must have been on the same wavelength)

  2. @ Patti - it was much fun and very worthy. And I got me some signed books! Yay
    I love a good hat-tip. I might just start wearing hats, purely for their tipping appeal!

  3. These bidders have no idea what they are doing to themselves. Even more profoundly, the folks at CMS should realize that nobody can stay in business at these prices.


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