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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'Triple Ripple: A Fabulous Fairytale' by Brigid LOWRY

Received from the Publisher

From the BLURB:

The Writer begins with a sparkly good idea for a fabulous fairytale. A girl called Glory is sent to work in the Royal Palace, where the queen is planning a grand ball and a bad-tempered princess is sorting through jewels and tiaras. And, unknown to Glory, the threads of her destiny are coming together.

Nova is reading the fairytale. Fairytales are not usually her thing, but right now she's feeling a bit messy and lost. Her best friend has gone away and bitchy Dylan is hassling her. Still, Nova is curious to find out why Glory's mother is scrabbling under the bed for an old magic book.

Can the Writer make everything turn out happily ever after? Will the princess find true love? Will Glory escape a secret curse? And can Nova smooth out the lumps and bumps in her life?

‘Triple Ripple: A Fabulous Fairytale’ is the new young adult book from Brigid Lowry.

‘Triple Ripple’ is a wonderful Grimm-esque fairytale that folds in on itself and splinters into three different stories. Reminiscent of ‘The Neverending Story’ and ‘The Princess Bride’, Lowry writes from three different perspectives - the characters, reader and writer - as they journey through the plot on a conspicuously parallel time-line.

The writer has come up with a fabulous fairytale about a girl called Glory. . .

. . . Glory has just been employed at the Royal Palace, to help in preparation for the Queen’s grand ball . . . little does she know that her destiny awaits, in the most unlikely of places . . .

And finally there’s Nova, the reader. Nova is fifteen and dealing with typical teen pressures and loneliness. Fantasy isn’t really her forté, but she needs a short escape from her hassles. . .

‘Triple Ripple’ is such a smart book. Lowry has written no mean feat for herself, by intertwining three different perspectives on a parallel time-line, but alternate universes. It may sound complicated and convoluted, but Lowry’s book is utterly charming and consuming. You get lost in the prose and become excitedly dazed by the complexity of the plot. And formatting ensures the layered tale is told with absolute ease, as each narrator has a different font, and sub-heading.
“. . . On the afternoon of the grand balls, servant boys polish the dance floor by grating beeswax upon it, then sliding about with auld sacks on their feet, skating and laughing most joyous, despite the admonitions of the head butler, whose face, as I remember, resembled a shriveled prune. I do believe those lads had more fun readying the dance floor than the dancers did in the evening.”
“It does sound wondrous indeed; this world within a world. Is the palace a happy place, then?”
A strange look came over her mother’s face.
“It is a place like any other. You’ll find good and bad there, as you find anywhere else.” Her tone was sharp, as if her daughter had spilt milk or forgotten to light the fire.
‘Triple Ripple’ is a dazzling little read – it’s aimed at the younger end of the young adult spectrum, but Lowry’s tricky storytelling ensures that the book will be enjoyed by a wide audience.



  1. Oh my gosh, I really want to read this. I first heard of it a couple of weeks back, but then forgot, and then saw it on Irrestistible Reads, and went, "I want that!"

    Great review. I love how you can make it sound like such an awesome book.

  2. ooooh this looks very cute!

    Great review hon! =D


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