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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rachel Caine for Breakfast!

Hello Darling Readers,

First of all – Happy Mother’s Day!

And now onto more important things . . . (I kid, I kid! I love you, Mama!)

After reading and envying many Aussie book bloggers, it was finally my turn to meet Rachel Caine for brekkie. Finally!

I travelled down to Camberwell to have a breakfast with Ms. Caine and two other book bloggers. We got to talk about vampires, tornadoes and Charlaine Harris-impressions over coffee and pancakes. Heaven!

First off, Rachel Caine is an absolute delight. Truly, she is lovely and charming and it was a pleasure to pick her brain while downing a cappuccino.

We talked a lot and randomly. We discussed Southern slang, ya’ll (and I did my Sookie Stackhouse impression, thank you very much!). Rachel also showed us a horrifyingly cool picture of her husband decked-out as a vampire (contacts, fangs and all!). And we even discussed our crush on vintage Pacey Witter (it was all about the Caesar haircut!). But in-between I did manage to slip in a few pertinent questions about her books;

Rachel actually said that she got up at 6:30AM this morning to write a thousand words for the fourth ‘Outcast Season’ book. This fourth book will be the last in the series, and will most likely put to rest the entire ‘Weather Warden’ series (apparently matching-up series timelines is a real headache!).

The good news is that my favourite character, Rashid, definitely makes an appearance in the final book. Fingers crossed he’s naked for most of the novel!

I know this series is done and dusted, but I couldn’t help pointing out to Rachel how spookily predictive the series has been! She started the ‘Weather Warden’ series back in 2003, and she was inspired by the fact that Texas has many tornado/hurricane warnings throughout the year. But since then we’ve had floods in Queensland, earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan as well as crazy volcano activity and the awful Hurricane Katrina.

I actually saw a Word document on Rachel’s computer! That’s right; I saw the words ‘Last Breath’ on the screen! But that’s all I saw. I promise.

By the sounds of it there’s going to be a lot of twists, turns and surprises in 'Last Breath' – naturally, this is Morganville after all!

Monica Morell has a few big, bullying scenes. We might be finding out why Texas was Amelie’s chosen location for the vampire town experiment . . .

Rachel is also aware that some fans were lobbying for a Myrnin/Claire romance ... but says it's highly unlikely (what with Myrnin being wacko and all. When he considered putting Claire's brain in a master-computer it was pretty much a deal-breaker). Sorry ladies, it doesn't look like Claire will be sharing Myrnin's bunny slippers anytime soon...

And Rachel Caine would be more than happy to continue the series, beyond the 13th book she is currently contracted for (and which is untitled at the moment). Rachel (like her fans) is not at all tired of Morganville and she is keen to keep writing – but it all depends on sales. So if you haven’t visited Morganville yet, I suggest you climb onboard the fan-wagon!

Oh, and Rachel Caine is more than aware of the fan-girl lobbying of Jared Padelecki for Shane. She thinks he would have been good in the role during his Gilmore Girls days, but that he’s a little bit too old to play Shane now . . .

I am so excited for Rachel’s new series! It’s set in a funeral home / morgue and it sounds spooky-cool, like ‘Six Feet Under’ with a paranormal bent. I can’t wait! It comes out August this year.

I had a delightful breakfast with the wonderful Rachel Caine. She was bubbly, funny and an all-round fantastic chick.

I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to the lovely Felicity Vallence for organizing the breakfast (and agreeing that Pacey Witter was a hottie in his hey-day!).


  1. Sounds like you had a great time and, based on everyone who has met her throughout this Aussie tour, everyone is of the opinion she is totally awesome and so friendly and easy to talk to. I had a ball meeting her in Perth.

    Oh and I totally agree, Pacey Witter was a hottie :)

  2. Great to meet you Danielle :) I don’t think I would have retained anything that was discussed. Besides some little things haha. I think I was in that starstruck mode but in a more modest way.

    Glad you had fun.

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! You got some good info (I've wondered how/why they ended up in Texas), and I'm glad to hear she'd like to keep going.

    I'm interested in this new series,I hadn't heard anything about it...

    Great pics!!!

  4. That is amazing! and thanks for all the series updates! Love Rachel's work and I miss the WW series dearly!

    the new series sounds awesome though! =)

  5. LOL @ seeing the word document! haha. that is soo cool

    also ~ gorgeous photos of you guys :D

  6. Awesome Post. I was one of the lucky bloggers in Brisbane to have breakfast with Rachel Caine. She's so lovely. I have to agree about Jared Padelecki for Shane. There was also mention of David Tennant being a good match for Myrnin at our breakfast.

    I hope Rachel keeps writing the Morganville vampires series. It's awesome!!


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