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Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Demon Possessed' Megan Chase #3 by Stacia Kane

From the BLURB:

Psychologist and psychic Megan Chase has grown remarkably comfortable hanging out with demons. The demon "family" she leads is happy, her solo practice is stabilizing, and she and her steamy demon lover, Greyson Dante, are closer than ever. But when the couple books a week at a luxury hotel to attend a meeting of demon leaders, some unanticipated problems appear.

An FBI agent with an unhealthy interest in less-than-legitimate demon business practices shows up; the demon community is urging Megan to undergo the rite that will make her a real demon; and a slightly shady minister is holding one of his wildly popular "weekend exorcisms" just down the road. And oh, yes, someone with scary magical abilities is attempting to kill her.

Then, just when it seems as if things couldn't possibly get any worse, a secret comes to light that could jeopardize Megan and Greyson's future -- if Megan manages to live that long. With things heating up, it's becoming difficult for her to keep a cool head...

Megan is feeling pressured from all sides. The demon elite want her to shake off the shackles of her humanity and jump onboard the hell bandwagon. Her boyfriend, Greyson Dante, wants her to give into her demonic side for safety reasons. And the FBI are sniffing around her involvement with some shady (admittedly, demon) characters, because it seems the Feds have labelled her as a mob-girlfriend.

And right in the middle of important demon socializing, Greyson drops a bomb that could put an end to his and Megan’s romance.

‘Demon Possessed’ is the third and final book in Stacia Kane’s urban fantasy ‘Megan Chase’ series.

‘Possessed’ opens with Megan and Greyson in a very good, romantic place . . . so you just know it’s not going to last. For the first two books of this series Megan and Greyson have had a pretty laissez faire relationship – minor hurdles and a few trust issues, but for the most part their romance has been easily smoothed over. Honestly, knowing the drama that Kane put Chess and Terrible through, I feel like I've had my heart in my throat throughout ‘Megan Chase’ awaiting a similarly disastrous romantic hurdle. Well, it sprouts up in ‘Demon Possessed’ – and it’s a doozy.

Greyson has been keeping secrets and Megan will be hurt by the truth. But it’s not enough that demon politics interfered with their romance – Kane is at her best when her characters fuck up and make mistakes, case and point – Megan in ‘Possessed’. She weaves a tangled web in this book, and it’s nice that while her and Greyson’s initial romantic conundrum is demon-related, it’s Megan’s decidedly human nature that adds fuel to the fire of their burning relationship.

“You had plenty of other chances,” she snapped. Arguing with a demon was bad; arguing with a lawyer was bad. Arguing with a demon lawyer was infuriating.

But the whole book isn’t about Greyson and Megan’s melodrama. Kane’s central mystery in this third book is decidedly Biblical – a topic that has been mostly avoided in a series about hell demons. Well, Kane still keeps religion out of it (thank-God!) but she very cleverly plays around with some old-testament mythology and makes a wonderful villain out of the psalms.

This final book was a very fulfilling ending. I feel like all that pent-up frustration and avoidance between Megan and Greyson was vented with disastrous (and sexy) consequences. Kane goes out with a Biblical bang and leaves the series on a high note. It’s been fun exploring Kane’s first fantasy foray – and cements her status as an automatic-buy author for me.


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  1. YAY! Great news! looks like this series is a keeper her! will def give it a shot =D


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