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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Melbourne Writers Festival - 30 Under 30

Hello Darling Readers,

So I have some exciting news to report - I've been chosen as one of Melbourne Writers Festival's '30 Under 30' which is celebrating the Festival's 30th Anniversary by putting the spotlight on Melbourne's "next generation of writers," and I'm one of them! 

Along with 29 other truly fabulous, writerly individuals - MWF wants to send us to writers Festivals around Australia and overseas, but we need your help to do it! 

A Pozible crowd-funding campaign has been set up to support the 30 Under 30, with a target goal of A$30,000 to be reached by May 9! 

If you would like to pledge to this campaign, that would be awesome. You can donate as little as $2 (which is totes tax deductible, yo!) or as much as $1,000+ (woah, moneybags!) 

MWF explains exactly how the donated money will be used: 

"Melbourne Writers Festival is a not for profit organisation, and funds raised will go directly towards benefiting these 30 young Victorian writers through flights, accommodation and travel per diems towards various literary festivals globally and nationally."

I love books and writing and there's no other industry I'd want to be in, but it can be a struggle trying to forge a path in the Arts world. 

Richard Bach once said; A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit. Well, y'know sometimes quitting is mighty tempting - but then something like the #MWF30 comes along, and just that recognition of your work that is done in solitary, can be quite lonesome and you assume is going by unnoticed, can be enough to keep fuelling your imagination and ambition. 

I'm truly grateful to Lisa Dempster and the entire Melbourne Writers Festival team for this recognition and opportunity - and if you wanted to help all of us by donating to the crowd funding campaign, well that would be amazing and much-appreciated. 

You can check out the MWF 30 page here 
and donate to the Pozible campaign here 

Thank you! 


  1. This is so super exciting! Congratulations xx

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  3. This is just fabulous! I am very happy for you dear. Melbourne Writers Festival is the inspiration for all the writers. I am an event organizer at a domestic event management company and organize so many event but never worked on such an event. After reading this post I am eagerly looking for such great opportunity.


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