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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Independent Publishing Conference, 19–21 NOVEMBER 2015


Fair warning: this is a kind of promoted post ... not that I've been paid to blog about this, but I do sit on the board of the organisation - the Small Press Network - so I think it's fair to have a bit of transparency, since that's been the topic of the moment around social media lately (and will, ironically, be discussed at the conference in my session!) 

So - without further ado ...

The Small Press Network's Independent Publishers Conference is on again! From 19–21 November, at The Wheeler Centre! 

Thursday is Academic Day, Friday is the general publishing trade day, and Saturday is newbie day. Plus the Most Underrated Book Award (MUBA) awards night is open to the public and happening Friday Nov 20 from 6pm.

If you're interested in publishing - as a student, self-published author, emerging writer, industry professional, whatever! - do come along and rub shoulders at this Conference. I've been going for, oh, three years now? And I always come away with valuable information, business cards, and thoughts to churn over for days!

This year I'm also thrilled to be chairing a session, called 'Marketing to Millennials' (12.00pm Friday 20 November - 40 mins), described thus: "Young people don't buy newspapers, listen to radio or watch live to air television. How can publishers reach the next generation of readers?" 

I'll be joined by Tacey Rychter - freelance writer and Melbourne Editor at Broadsheet, and Chloe Smith - Assistant Editor at The Canary Press. I'll be asking questions around the effectiveness of old-school book publicity like book tours and blog tours, looking at the rise of vloggers and bookstagram-posters and if greater transparency is required of their relationship with publishers/authors etc for sponsored posts/reviews. 

My 'Marketing to Millennials' session follows on from another I'm really excited to listen to, all about #WeNeedDiverse books - just to give you a hint of all the good stuff scheduled, and if you want to read the whole program click here

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