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Thursday, July 28, 2016

'Women’s Bodies in Speculative Fiction' - Stella Prize Schools Blog

I have a new piece up on the Stella Prize Schools Blog: 

For my fourth Stella Schools Blog guest post, I spoke with Australian YA authors Michael PryorMelina Marchetta, and Ambelin Kwaymullina about the representation of women characters in fantasy YA, and how they approach the issue in their own work.
Also includes a list of recommended YA spec-fic reads which promote body diversity! 

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  1. I read the post, most intriguing! In all fairness, Michael Pryor's heroine in the Laws Of Magic series is gorgeous AND smart AND kick-ass! I've read books by all three, and Throne Of Glass. I didn't care greatly for the Maas book. It was okay, but...Given that the heroine was supposed to be a famous assassin why was she so spectacularly beautiful anyway? She'd stand out instead of blending in and there was no indication she was any good at disguise - but the kids loved it at my school. It's fantasy in more than one sense, eh?


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