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Monday, July 6, 2020

'Turbulence' by Thuy On

I’m trying to read more Poetry because it’s good for me.

I always encourage emerging writers to read outside their form/readership/genre to stretch their brains a bit, but I hadn’t been doing that myself lately and I needed to ... I’m in awe of poets. Their tight lines and pace, perfectly selected words & phrases just floor me.

One poetry collection I picked up recently was 'Turbulence' by Thuy On. It's all about sex, relationships, humour, heartbreak, rebirth, rejection and longing.
In this game of chance  
the dynamic chaos 
that whirlwinded us both 
whimpers and waits 
for pattern and tidy 

the idea was to be 
interwoven into narrative 
separate skeins 
gently plait bound 
singular becoming plural 

but your cameo sightings 
make us a poor play 
half-formed ghostings 
creaking on floorboards.

I found a lot of humour in this collection too - dark humour, for sure, but an ability to look at life and raise your eyebrow to it all. - like the final stanza in Perspective:

just a slice of the drama 
on reveal 
like a fingernail clipping of the moon.

I think this is a wonderful modern and deeply personal collection out of Australia and UWA Publishing, and I think there’s something for everyone here


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