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Sunday, June 6, 2010

To Read or not to Read - that is the question

To Be Read?

I have been known to go over-board when it comes to book buying. I read a glowing book review and go straight to Amazon to buy myself a copy. But then the book arrives and I'm already in the middle of a really great read so I just put it aside and then a whole year passes and that book that I just had to have right this minute! is collecting dust on my bookshelf. *Woopsy*.

I do the same thing with clothes. It's a girl thing....

Any-who. My school holidays are coming up and it looks like I'm going to have a straight 3-weeks of reading. My assignments are done. Deadlines have been met. I am a nerd with no other plans. And my TBR pile needs its own post code! HELP!

I have listed the various books that have been lounging on my bookshelf. Please kick in your 2 cents and suggest which books I absolutely have to get stuck into ASAP.

I bought the first 3 books in this series after I read Kim Harrisons's 'Rachel Morgan' series. Pettersson's series was an Amazon recommendation that I bought cheap second-hand copies of. I was recently reminded that I owned the books when I read Larissa's review of the latest Zodiac book, which piqued my interest.

'A Certain Slant of Light' by Laura Whitcomb

Another Amazon recommendation, after I read (and loved) 'Blood and Chocolate' by Annette Curtis-Klause. I assume that both YA books are in the same literary/paranormal vain? I also liked the title being an Emily Dickinson quote. My interest was piqued again when I read 'Tempting Persephone's' shining review of the book.

'Mercy Hollings' by Toni Andrews

I had no real reason for buying these books, except I already had one favorite UF heroine by the name of 'Mercy' and thought that showed promise for Toni Andrews series. lol. I haven't actually ever read a blog review of these books... but the covers are quite pretty.

'Lightworld/Darkworld' by Jennifer Armintrout

I wasn't really impressed with Armintrout's 'Blood Ties' series, but thought her writing had enough promise for me to give her second series a go. From the reviews I've read, the general consensus seems to be that her 'Lightworld/Darkworld' series is better than 'Blood Ties'?

'Jennifer Scales' by Mary Janice-Davidson & Anthony Alongi

I *LOVE* her 'Queen Betsy' and 'Fred the Mermaid' series. Not sure how Janice-Davidson's humour will communicate to a YA audience, since so much of her funny side is lewd and crude. Also not too sure about her having a writing partner (her husband?), although if it works for Ilona Andrews....

Recently read a 'Pearls cast before a McPig' review of the first book, which was mostly positive. But I'm a bit hesitant because the series doesn't seem to have a HEA romance at its centre? Although, book #5 'Wait for Dusk' does have a rather steamy cover - five books seems a long time to wait for a romance plot to form.
Mostly I bought these books because they reminded me a bit of Jeaniene Frost's 'Night Huntress' series.

Charlaine Harris wrote a glowing blog review of this book when it first came out in 2007. And when Charlaine Harris says 'jump!' I say 'how high?'. The premise really intrigued me as well - a bit of a high-brow werewolf story, more literary than I'm used to reading of the furry subject matter.

I actually read the first book, 'Nightlife' last year, and loved it.... So much so that I rushed out and bought the next 3 books in the series. For some reason I kept holding-off on reading them though? I totally forgot I owned the books until Larissa blogged an interview with Rob Thurman that piqued my interest again.

I've been hearing about this one since it came out in 2008. I haven't read a bad review of it yet. But it has still been stuck on my TBR shelf because I'm a little scared that all the hype will ruin the book for me.

'Salt and Silver' by Anna Katherine

I bought this one based on the cover alone. I was intrigued, but I have yet to read a blog review of this book.

'Clockwork Heart' by Dru Pagliassotti

I bought this one after Michelle posted about it in her 'Mailbox Monday'. I'd recently read 'Soulless' by Gail Carriger and was ravenous for more Steampunk. Have yet to read a blog review of this book though.

Another book I read nothing but positive reviews of when it came out last year. I actually started reading this one a few months ago, but wasn't in the right 'Urban Fantasy' mood.


  1. Wow great selections :-D

    My vote would go out to the Vicki Petterson series and Clockwork Heart! Heard great things about these, will have to check them out..

    Oh I'm exactly like you! I ahve these intense impatient urges: I have to have that book/DVD RIGHT NOW! Can't even remember how amny DVDs I have on my shelves that I had to ahve immediatle yand then years have gone by without me watching them yet..

    Happy reading, I'm so jelaous you'll ahev 3 weeks to read! ENjoy it! :-D

  2. Wow! That's one impressive tbr pile!
    I myself just started the first book of Signs of the Zodiac series, but can't tell you yet if it's any good as I only read two chapters sofar.
    I can advice Hunger Games, it's pretty good although it borrows heavily from Battle Royal. I didn't like the second book of this trilogy though even though everyone else seems to love it. I thought the author was using cheap tricks to score and was pulling rabbits out of hats to make things happen.
    A friend of mine loves this series and will probably buy the third book, which will be the only reason I'll read it as I can borrow it from her.

  3. Oh I love this post. I have most of these in my tbr too..LOL.

    I have heard wonderful things about Salt and vote is for that..if you like it, I will read it..HA.

    I also really want to read Hunger Games..honestly not a bad review out there.

  4. The only ones out of this list that I've read are the Mercy Hollings books by Toni Andrews - at least, I've read the first two of them. I liked the premise - the idea that the lead character can control other people's minds. I enjoyed the books although I didn't LOVE them, and was just recently thinking about picking the third one up. One thing about them, although there is a romance, it is not the main focus of the book, so if you are in a romance mood, I don't think these would satisfy you.

  5. While I have to preface this comment by saying I haven't read any of the other books on your TBR list, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read the Rob Thurman books first.

    Hahahaha! Gotta love the subtlety, right?

    Those books are fantastic and it's one of those rare series that I feel really get better with age.

  6. awesome post hehe and thanks for the mentions LOL

    ok, so here is my two cents:

    I LOVE the sign of the zodiac series and I can guarantee they are a great read|!

    I love MaryJanice Davidson, I dont know why I havent felt like checking out her YA series... though I do think you should check out her werewolf series and her Gorgeous series and het Alaskan Family one too... They are all awesome and very into the romance thing =)))

    The Dark Days series is great! there is a potential romance but its only slowly getting there... its not a strategy I beloieve... it is very in tune with the characters... I think things might pick up in book 4... speacially since book 5 has such a steamy pick on the cover =)

    you already know Im a fan of the Leandros brothers! they totally rock! though its not a series that has any focus on romance... beware

    I LOVED the Hunger games and the second book was awesome too... since you havent read it, I recommend you waiting for book 3 and reading the trilogy back to back so you wont suffer with the killing cliff-hanger at the end of book 2

    Three days of dead is great =) I have the ARC for the sequel and I should read it soon! Romance is not the focus though =)

    well, I hope I helped and made things worse hehe


  7. Oh, wow - that's some list! I haven't read any of those, except....I did suffer through the first Dark Days novel and DNF'd the 2nd. I know it's a very popular series but I didn't care for it.

    Three Days to Dead and those Rob Thurman books look good.

  8. I love Vicki Pettersson - the series is dark and gritty tho... there are a few romance tendrils throughout it but there is no happy ending so far and at least one book left people wondering if that was the end. Book 5 just came out and she is working on 6... great premise.

    I like the Dark Days but there is no HEA either, its very much an urban fantasy and only just touches on some romantic tension. Good series, good world tho.

    Oh and the Hunger Games is FANTASTIC! My favorite YA series, surpassing the Morganville Vamps ;) I am waiting not so patiently for book 3 which is the last one (August).


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