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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Australia Reads at Home

Hello Darling Readers! 

Please believe me when I say; I hope you are all well and doing okay, given these surreal times. I hope you are home, and self-isolating and spreading kindness all around (in lieu of hugs, handshakes and social-gathering) 

I just wanted to pop on here and tell you about an Australian initiative, started by the same people who run 'Australian Reading Hour' in September - encouraging people to read, for even 15-minutes a day! - but are now running a new campaign to counteract these scary and uncertain times, and the fact that more people really are at home, and can be reading to help them cope. 

I'm calling it 'Imagination in Isolation' - but the hashtag you can follow along with is #AustraliaReadsAtHome and the website;

I'd so love it if you could follow Australia Reads across all social-media channels too, and join in the conversation as we all try to remain sane and supportive. 


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