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Monday, June 7, 2010


I've just discovered this TV show, and now I have to spread the love, pimp it out and implore all of you to watch 'Misfits'.

Misfits’ is a British E4 show about a group of juvenile delinquents who find themselves ‘gifted’ with superpowers after a bizarre storm.
The five young offenders are doing community service for a variety of reasons – from speeding to possession and stealing from a pick n’ mix. Think of five individuals who you would never in a million years entrust super-powers to and these self-absorbed, careless and reckless ASBO’s come to mind. They each come to possess a super-human power; including telepathy, time travel and invisibility.

How to describe this show? It’s like ‘Heroes’ first season, but minus the pretentiousness and ‘beautiful people’ that eventually clogged that show. ‘Misfits’ is peppered with the kind of channel E4 humour that made ‘Skins’ such a success and it’s as nitty-gritty as HBO’s ‘True Blood’ for dealing with the darker side of human nature. The show also tips its hat to classics like ‘The Breakfast Club’ and is tongue-in-cheek about the recent crop of comic-book adaptations like ‘Spiderman’ that plague the box office.

In a word? BRILLIANT!

Seriously, you have got to check this show out.

One of the best things about the concept of the show is the fact that these little delinquent super-humans are all shades of grey. They are not ‘nice’ kids – but they possess incredible power. A plethora of problems result from that little conundrum and it’s fascinating to watch how these delinquents sometimes rise to the occasion and other times live up to their reputations.

The show is darkly humorous. I mean really dark, British humour that absolutely tickles me. The black British humour that’s ‘so wrong it’s right’ and deliciously vulgar. I love it!

Season 1 aired last year (6 episodes in a season) and season 2 has been commissioned and is soon to air in the UK.

Seriously, check this show out.
You will not regret.
Thank me later!

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  1. ooooh this looks really cool! Though i havent seen Skin, i have heard a lot about it hehe

    Nice Pimping hon hehe


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