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Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Temptation of Teresa' by Ava GRAY

‘Temptation of Teresa’ is a short e-story by Ava Gray.

The story is set in modern day, in a Vancouver monastery called ‘Sisters of Peace’. Teresa is a young woman who has always dreamt of being a nun. Pious her whole life and haunted by a traumatic childhood event, she has never felt safer than she does in the monastery. But one night a man comes. He calls himself Devlan and says he will be sticking around for seven days – the seven days leading up to her commitment ceremony when she is to become a bride of Christ. Devlan is golden and beautiful, his lips are sinful and no one but Teresa can see him. Devlan is a sort of incubus – once the dragon from the biblical story of Saint George; he has been relegated to the deepest realms of hell and given only one chance to save his soul – by tempting Teresa;

“Poor baby.” His tone held a certain fatal kindness. “Your God likes to gamble now and again, as you doubtless remember from the book of Job. I felt sorry for the poor bastard, if you want the truth. It’s never fun to be a pawn caught between two Powers.”
“Why are you telling me this?” But she thought she knew, and it meant she should be locked up somewhere.
“You’re the new chessboard,” he said softly.

If Devlan ‘Dev’ can convince Teresa to lie with him in sin and break chastity, then Dev will be released from hell. If he fails, he will never be permitted to go ‘up top’ ever again.

I really liked this little story. ‘Temptation’ is what I expected J.R. Ward’s ‘Fallen Angels’ series to be, and its biblical connotations were as fascinating as in Jeri Smith-Ready’s ‘Requiem for the Devil’. Ava Gray has packed a lot into this short story. Teresa and Dev’s characterization is beautifully built and revealed bit by bit through intimate conversations, and in Dev’s case fantastical stories of sacrificial virgins and biblical figures.

This is an Ava Gray story, so expect a certain amount of steaminess. The smut stakes are raised by the fact that Dev is a demon, trying to tempt Teresa’s soul – it makes for a hot and sensuous read. Ava Gray definitely delivers on her signature romance.

This is only a short story, but a fulfilling one. Definitely check it out if you’re an Ava Gray fan.



  1. ooooh it looks good!! great review! =)))))

  2. I hadn't heard of this - it sounds very interesting and if it seems to be what JR Wards Fallen Angels should have been then I'll probably like it :)

  3. This one looks amazing - I was wondering how long it is though. Is it worth the price? I've been wavering between two ebooks so your opinion would definately help.


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