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Thursday, April 28, 2011

TV obsession: 'Happy Endings' on ABC

Hello Darling Readers,

So, it’s not very often that I blog about anything other than books . . . because, hey! – book blog! But I feel like I have to pimp my new TV obsession (partly because the show is genuinely gush-worthy, but I'm also afraid it’s going to get canceled). So henceforth prepare for a total and utter TV gush-fest . . .

The show is all about what happens when a couple don’t get their happily ever after. Rather, their relationship crashes and burns in a fiery inferno of heartache and mutual disgust. Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) ditches her fiancé, Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the altar in a bout of truly heinous cold-feet bitchiness. Alex rubs further salt in the wound by going on the honeymoon by herself . . . while Dave goes on a one-night-stand slut crusade.

What follows is how Alex and Dave’s friendship group cope in the fallout of the breakup. Wanting to keep the group intact, Alex and Dave decide to put their hatred aside and just be friends. But while Alex is determined to ‘find herself’ by being by herself, Dave seems hell-bent on sleeping with anything in a skirt.

Happy Endings’ on ABC is amazing! I mean, where the heck did this show come from? It’s created by a guy called David Caspe who has no previous credits to his name. The only real ‘star’ of the show is Elisha Cuthbert (and where has she been since 24?). The writers are also relatively unknown. One of the writers is Josh Bycel, who did stints on ‘Psych’, ‘Scrubs’ and ‘American Dad!’, and another writer called Prentice Penny who worked on a bunch of shows I have never heard of before.

Despite a relative no-name cast and writers, this show kicks some serious butt. Dare I say, it’s a real contender as the new ‘Friends’? It’s full of contemporary wit and jokes that are so-wrong-they’re-right.

My favourite characters are Max and Penny – played by Adam Pally and Casey Wilson. Adam is a chubby gay guy and Penny is a gay man trapped in a 30-year-old woman’s body. DRAMAAAA!

I hardcore love this show. I love it like a fat kid loves cake, yeah!

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  1. This one is gonna start airing in Brazil soon, Im so excited! =D

    It looks so freaking awesome!


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