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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Things no one tells you about romance readers

This weekend just gone, I attended the Australian Romance Readers Convention (ARRC) in Canberra. It was my first time going, and I had a really good time. Not least because I got to meet some authors and bloggers I've long admired in person! 

So I wrote a summary of the Convention for Daily Life: 


  1. Nicely written!
    Anti-feminist men are always a guarantee to get me angry and ranting. Writing is fiction, I will never understand why some people think that in order to write a book, you're having to have made those exact same experiences... sounds like it was an interesting stay at the convention.

    Jen @

    1. I always remember Neil Gaiman saying; "I always feel like the wrong person to be asked when I get asked that question because people say, ‘Well how do you write such good female characters?’ And I go, ‘Well I write people.’ Approximately half of the people I know are female and they’re cool, and they’re interesting, and so, why wouldn’t I?"


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