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Monday, June 27, 2016

Crime and Mystery and Classics - LoveOzYA posters!

Hello Darling Readers!

Just a quick message to say there have been two new LoveOzYA posters created in the last week!  
The first is a Crime & Mystery poster - which came about because author Rebecca Lim received a request for this genre poster from a group of students she was speaking to at a Lit Festival recently. This poster was kindly designed by the very talented Jin Wang, of Jin & Co.  
The second poster is a 'ClassicsOzYA' poster, which offers but a drop in the ocean of books that have shaped Australia's youth literature. This one was designed by the fabulous Jessica Harvie, who also did the LGBTQIA+ posters. 
These new LoveOzYA posters are available to download from the DropBox folder as always, and I've uploaded them as 'Resources' on the official LoveOzYA website! 

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