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Monday, September 14, 2009

Richelle Mead Q & A

So I went to listen to Richelle Mead's Q&A at the Knox Civic Centre (her first reading in Australia) as apart of her worldwide promotion for 'Blood Promise'.
Here's the scoop;

- Rose has 2 more books told from her perspective in the 'Vampire Academy' series. But Richelle has been contracted for 6 more books set in the VA universe, but told from the perspective of a new character. The new character is someone we have met before - but Richelle obviously can't reveal who the narrator of the spin-off series will be, because that would give away who lives and dies in the next 2 books.

- The 'Dark Swan' series was contracted for 2 more books, but Richelle tentatively said there is potential for more Eugenie books.

- While the 'Georgina Kincaid' series is Richelle's personal favorite (mostly because Georgina's sense of humor is very close to Richelle's own) it sounded as though that series will be wrapped up in the next 2 books ('Succubus Shadows' released April 2010).

- Richelle said a big inspiration for her novels came from reading the 'Dragonlance' series by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis.

- I asked Richelle about any new series/books in the works, and she said something about a new potential adult project.

- There are no plans for a Vampire Academy movie. No studios have bought the rights to her books, and while Richelle knows about the many youtube trailers for a fictional VA movie, she can't bear to watch them. She said she reacts oddly to seeing people's representations of her books - even fanmade pictures and videos.


  1. Great info! I love her Georgina series and have just finished her VA series and an in love with that too...glad to know (sort of) what she's got planned!

  2. I just ordered Vampire I hope to become a Richelle Mead fan soon!

  3. Patti - When she was signing my book, I told Richelle how much Seth has broken my heart and that I hate Maddie. She laughed and said that this book tour has been a revelation - she had no idea fans were reacting so strongly to Seth & Maddie, and was doubly shocked because she actually really likes both characters and now feels the pressure to turn things around so that we like them too!

    Mandi - you will love VA, guarantee! BUT make sure you get onto her 'Georgina Kincaid' series, because that will blow you away!

  4. Oh, that is funny - Don't get me started on Seth and Maddie - grrrr! Was Richelle very nice at the signing? From reading her blog she seems very sweet...

  5. She was a darling; very funny and so pretty! She wore the cutest dress, and she has fabulous hair! I really wanted to ask her if the red was her natural color, but I thought that would be rude :)
    I think her boyfriend was there too, a very cute geek-chic young man who was skulking on the sidelines.

    I seriously can't mention Seth and Maddie at this point without grinding my teeth.


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