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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Most Anticipated Books...


‘Blood Challenge’ World of the Lupi #7 by Eileen Wilks

I really didn’t like ‘Blood Magic’, mostly because I wanted more Lily & Rule scenes and a focus on their relationship, and I didn’t get it. I have slightly higher hopes for this seventh novel though, mostly because the blurb appears to promise what I wanted from ‘Blood Magic’. Wilks writes action and intricate magic plots like no other, but I need some emotional/romantic pay-off to balance it out, hopefully ‘Blood Challenge’ delivers on that front.

Across the Universe’ by Beth Revis

Thanks to Penguin I got an advanced copy of this novel. . . and I am here to tell you that it is good. . . so very, very good! The first book in a trilogy from debut author Beth Revis, ‘Across the Universe’ is an epic and exhilarating space drama that is also a whodunit murder mystery. There’s also a very tender romance at the book’s centre, and a fantastic cliff-hanger at the end. This is a stunning novel, and an absolute must-read in 2011!

‘Crossed’ Void City #3 by J.F. Lewis

I read first book ‘Staked’ this year and fell head-over-heels in love with this unconventional series. Void City is a series of anti-heroes, blood, sex and gore. It is definitely on the darker end of the Urban Fantasy spectrum, but with heavy doses of black/gross-out humour. J.F. Lewis is a genius, Eric is a jerk and I love these books!


‘Iron Crowned’ – Dark Swan #3 by Richelle Mead

Fans have had a long wait for this third book. The last we saw Eugenie in 2009 she and Dorian were on the dawn of a fae battle. Richelle Mead has warned readers that, like all of her books, things for our heroine have to get worse before they can get better. Be prepared! We know what Ms. Mead has done to Georgina in her series, I can only imagine what sort of vicarious turmoil she intends to put reader’s through with Eugenie...

‘The Queen’s Lady’ Tudors Historical Romance #2 by Eve Ewards

I loved the first book ‘The Other Countess’. Ms. Edwards is blending steamy romance with epic historic settings and fascinating young characters.

‘This Side of the Grave’ – Night Huntress #5 by Jeaniene Frost

It feels like AGES since we’ve had a Cat & Bones book. ‘Destined for an Early Grave’ came out in 2009, and in 2010 we’ve had the two spin-off books about Spade and Mencheres. We got cameos of Cat & Bones, but nothing’s gonna beat a book dedicated to this hot vampire twosome! I look forward to reading about how their relationship has changed (/gotten hotter) since Cat got fully-vamped! I am also really looking forward to the new Vlad spin-off series! YAY! VLAD BOOKS! I am super-psyched about the plethora of Jeaniene Frost books coming out in 2011/2012. . . fingers-crossed for an Ian spin-off too!

Pale Demon 'Rachel Morgan: The Hollows' #9 by Kim Harrison

Okay, so I didn’t love ‘Black Magic Sanction’, but I still count ‘The Hollows’ as one of my all-time favourite Urban Fantasy series. I think my problem is that Ms. Harrison’s series is epic – with ‘Pale Demon’ we’re going to be nine books deep, with Harrison contracted for a final of 12/13 books by series end. But as a reader at the ninth instalment I’m getting frustrated with the lack of romantic development between Ivy and Rachel, I want something to happen plot-wise with Trent and I’m disheartened by Rachel’s merry-go-round of throw-away love interests. So I’m going into ‘Pale Demon’ with a sceptical heart...

‘How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf’ by Molly Harper

When I heard that Ms. Harper was writing a new paranormal romance series I had a mild fan-girl freak-out (that is to say I did a happy dance around the house... and possibly imitated a werewolf howl, but I admit nothing!). Plus in 2011 we get. . . drum-roll please. . . A FOURTH JANE JAMESON BOOK! *squeeeeeeeeeeee*


‘River Marked’ – Mercy Thompson #6 by Patricia Briggs

I. Can’t. Wait! The ‘Mercy’ book is always my most anticipated each year. A lot changed in ‘Silver Borne’ – mainly that Mercy shifted from ‘loner’ to ‘pack’ and took her rightful place by Adam’s side. I really look forward to how her change in situation impacts her world. But more than anything I want to read about Mercy & Adam being loved-up!

‘The Dark and Hollow Places’ by Carrie Ryan

A new Carrie Ryan book is always a good thing. Ryan has written a chilling post-apocalyptic world which is beautifully balanced by a very heated romance.

'Lover Unleashed' - Black Dagger Brotherhood #9 by JR Ward

The new Black Dagger Brotherhood book is always most anticipated... but I think JR Ward will have a tough road ahead with this ninth instalment. ‘Lover Mine’ was John Matthew’s book and therefore one of the most anticipated BDB instalments, ever! ‘Lover Unleashed’ is Payne and Mannie’s book... two characters that readers know virtually nothing about, as both are fairly new introductions. I’m not saying that JR Ward can’t pull it off, I’ll just be very curious as to *HOW* she pulls it off. All I hope is that Layla doesn’t make much of an appearance, Trez & iAm feature heavily and Qhuinn/Blay get another fantastic side storyline (and their very own novella soon!).

‘The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf’ by Molly Harper

Have I mentioned that I worship at the writer-alter of Molly Harper? I bow-down to her quick-wit and supernatural steaminess. . . and two books in a brand-spankin new paranormal romance series is almost sensory-overload. . . almost. You can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to Molly Harper.


‘Alien in the Family’ – Katherine ‘Kitty’ Katt #3 by Gini Koch

This is one of my favourite series of 2010, hands-down incredible. I salute Gini Koch and her space operatic magnificence! I can’t wait for more Kitty & Martini in all their alien butt-kicking, heavy metal glory. And isn’t this cover absolutely STUNNING? Seriously, I know Daniel Dos Santos is a cover-genius but he has really outdone himself with this one. It’s like crack for my eyes, and my eyes appreciate the hit.

‘Rock Hard’ Sinners on tour #2 by Olivia Cunning

I loved the first book ‘Backstage Pass’ and can’t wait for the rest of the series (five books in total!) I just love the fact that Ms Cunning has filled an erotica-void I never even knew existed – ROCKSTARS! It’s so obvious, and yet so unique. I wish the release-dates were closer together, but I’ll take what I can get from these Sinners. . . yum!

Red Glove 'Curseworkers #2' by Holly Black

White Cat’ was incredible, with an intricately woven plot, complex antagonists and compelling anti-hero’s. I was blown away by Holly Black, and can’t wait for the follow-up.

‘Mona Lisa Eclipsing’ Monere: Children of the Moon #5 by Sunny

Last year Sunny hinted that she was done with her paranormal erotica series, ‘Monere: Children of the Moon’. I was disappointed, especially because the last book, ‘Mona Lisa Darkening’ left so much hanging in the balance and was in no way a series finale. So I was *THRILLED* to learn that Sunny was coming back for more with a fifth ‘Monere’ book. . . this may be the last book ever, but if that’s the case then I’m at least glad that Sunny is going to give fans a proper send-off.

The Gathering 'Darkness Rising #1' by Kelley Armstrong

So, this is the new spin-off of the ‘Darkest Powers’ YA trilogy. Chloe and the gang won’t feature in this new trilogy (but I’m assuming that they might be referenced?). ‘Darkness Rising’ is about a new crop of Edison Group kids on the run from the organization who created them. Kelley Armstrong is always a crowd-pleaser, but when she broke away from the adult Urban Fantasy and wrote for YA she really showed her brilliance. I am so pumped for this new series because I know I’m going to love it as much as ‘Darkest Powers’.


‘Bite Club’ Morganville Vampires #10 by Rachel Caine

I am a huge ‘Morganville Vampires’ fan-girl, and ‘Ghost Town’ whet my appetite for more Morganville-goodness. . . I love the fact that Claire and Shane are very open and lovey-dovey since Claire ‘came of age’. I’m curious about Amelia/Oliver (wrong as that sounds). I kind-of-don’t-but-really-do want to know about Myrnin’s possible crush on Claire. . . I basically just want more, more, more Morganville!

Blood Law’ by Karin Tabke

I really loved Tabke’s ‘Blood Sword Legacy’ books when I read them this year. So I am beyond thrilled to learn that Ms Tabke has a new trilogy coming out in 2011. . . It’s paranormal romance, all about a Lycan war and two brothers in the middle of the conflict – sounds fantastic! Trust me, Karin Tabke writes romance and smut like it’s nobody’s business. . . so her foray into paranormal romance is going to be SMOKING HOT! Bring it on!

War Cry 'Chronicles of the Warlands #4' (Elizabeth Vaughan)

I really loved Vaughan’s ‘Chronicles of Warlands’ series – it was a very different fantasy than I’m used to reading, but it was exhilarating and romantic and I loved them. I honestly thought that the series was over with third book ‘Warlord’, so I was really shocked to hear about a fourth book coming out in 2011! YAY! One minor complaint I had about the series was the lack of smutty goodness. . . but this cover is giving me high-hopes for a smut infection in this new instalment! And while I’m on the cover. . . doesn’t the model bear a striking resemblance to Channing Tatum?

‘Dead Reckoning’ Sookie Stackhouse #11 y Charlaine Harris

Hmmm. . . I liked the last book ‘Dead in the Family’. . . but I haven’t *really* loved a Sookie Stackhouse book since #7, ‘All Together Dead’. I miss the chase between Sookie and Eric. I miss Bill trying to win Sookie back. I miss Alcide when he wasn’t a douche-bag (Joe Manganiello helps). But lately, it feels like Ms Harris’s ‘Sookie’ books have been a little all over the place. Harris keeps saying that Sookie hasn’t met her HEA yet, but she knows who it’s going to be. So basically, fans know that Sookie and Eric aren’t soulmates, and we’re all just waiting for them to come to an end. It makes reading the books a little. . . empty, of late. And it’s hard when Ms Harris doesn’t know when the series will be over– she says she doesn’t know how many Sookie books she will write. And, presumably, she won’t pull this mysterious HEA out of the bag until the end is in sight. Grrr.
I love this series, so I will keep reading. But lately I've been going into the new Sookie instalments with trepidation and lowered expectations.

‘Magic Slays’ Kate Daniels #5 by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bleeds’ was so amazing, and I have absolutely no doubt that ‘Slays’ will be just as fantastic. I know that Ilona Andrews will come out with ass-kicking for Kate and head-rolling for Curran. . . but what I really, badly want from this fifth instalment is some gooey Kate/Curran goodness! *squee* I want them to be all luuuuuurved up and smutty!


Hunt the Moon 'Cassie Palmer #5' (Karen Chance)

There was no new ‘Cassia Palmer’ in 2010 because Ms. Chance was recuperating from an illness that left her behind schedule with her series. But she’s back in 2011 and fans are excited to the nines! I am especially tingly at the prospect of a Cassie/Pritkin/Mircea love triangle – since Pritkin and Cassie had interesting romantic developments in ‘Curse the Dawn’. And if that sexy cover is anything to go by, this instalment may very well be filled with ‘oh la la’ love!

‘Kitty’s Big Trouble’ Kitty Norville #9 (Carrige Vaughn)

I’m going into this new instalment with the hopes that *something* happens between Kitty and Cormac. PLEASE! I really didn’t like ‘Kitty Goes to War’ because nothing much happened – with plot, characters or emotional relationships. At this point in the series, I need Kitty to acknowledge the tension between her and Cormac. . . and for Ms. Vaughn to admit that maybe Ben and Kitty are stagnating and boring. Basically, I just hope for more Cormac!


In The Heat of the Bite by Lydia Dare

So it seems like the werewolf portion of Lydia Dare’s historical paranormal romance series is over. Now it’s onto the vampyres. . . YAY! We got a little teaser of the vamps in ‘Taming of the Wolf’ and I am intrigued, to say the least.

Forever "Wolves of Mercy Falls #3" by Maggie Stiefvater

ARGH! I don’t want it to end but at the same time I want it so, so bad. The glorious red cover of ‘Forever’ looks lush and after the cliff-hanging events of ‘Linger’ I am dying to know how it all ends for Sam, Grace, Cole and Isobel. I want, I want, I want! But I have a feeling that Ms. Stiefvater is one author who doesn’t mind a not-so happy-ending and that has me gnashing my teeth in nervousness.

Blood Work "The Hollows Graphic Novel" (Kim Harrison)

I loves me a graphic novel! I’m a big fan of the Mercy Thompson adaptations and adored Diana Gabaldon’s ‘The Exile’.
So I am once again super-excited that one of my all-time favourite series’ is getting the adaptation treatment. ‘Blood Work’ has been penned by Ms Harrison and is a recounting of the first book in ‘The Hollows’ series, ‘Dead Witch Walking’. But ‘Blood Work’ will mostly be told from Ivy’s perspective. I’m a HUGE Ivy/Rachel shipper, so I look forward to reading/seeing Ivy’s first impressions of our red-headed witch. . .


The Many Sins of Lord Cameron 'Mackenzies #3' by Jennifer Ashley

I didn’t love ‘Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage’, but ‘The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie’ is still a favourite and stands as one of the best historical romances I have ever read. And the sneak-peak of Cameron’s book has me very intrigued... even if it’s Hart’s story that I really, desperately want to read.

Let it Bleed 'WVMP Vampire Radio #4' by Jeri Smith-Ready

I don’t know if things can get better than ‘Bring on the Night’ (and all its Zombie-cheerleading magnificence), but if there’s one author who can deliver an impressive follow-up it will be Jeri Smith-Ready. WVMP is one of the greatest Urban Fantasy series in the history of ever and I always look forward to more, more, more!

Vampire Academy Graphic Novel by Richelle Mead

I am obsessed with Richelle Mead. ‘Vampire Academy’ is my drug of choice and a graphic adaptation is a drug-fuelled dream come true. I am ridiculously excited to see a picture-representation of Dmitri and to read/see certain pivotal scenes.
There’s also a graphic novel of ‘Storm Born’ coming out, (date TBA) and the graphic representations of Eugenie look fantastic and smokin’! (seriously, she has P!nk abs - *drool*!)

Bloodlines ‘Vampire Academy spin-off’ by Richelle Mead

I have to admit; knowing that Ms. Mead was contracted for a Vampire Academy spin-off lessened some of the climaxes and drama of ‘Last Sacrifice’. . . but I have been anticipating this series for a good long time now. Having now read Rose’s last instalment, readers know who the cast of the spin-off will be, and we can also anticipate a delicious new romance with a fan-favourite who got a pretty bum deal in ‘Last Sacrifice’. . . I can’t wait!


Succubus Revealed 'Georgina Kincaid #6' by Richelle Mead

Ahhh... Georgie, Georgie, Georgie. This series is rough – I love it to death, but Richelle Mead doesn’t pull any punches with the emotional side of things. Georgie is a glorified prostitute (with a heart of gold) and she has been down on her luck for a while now. She’s had the love of her life cheat on her, dated psychotic warlock’s and been stalked by a half-angel from hell. But at the end of ‘Succubus Shadows’ things were looking up on Georgina’s romantic front... but I am nervous going into this, the final Georgina Kincaid book. This is it, the swan-song and I am dying to know how it all ends while also terrified that Richelle Mead is going to sucker-punch fans with a sad ending. I want it, but I’m scared to read it! Please, Ms Mead, don’t hurt me. . . I mean, Georgina. Don’t hurt Georgina!

‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ by Stephanie Perkins

This is the ‘companion novel’ to Perkins’ debut, ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. I absolutely and unashamedly loved ‘Anna’ and am now convinced that anything Perkins writes I will be subsequently obsessed with. Bring on this YA contemporary romance!

‘Untitled Downside’ #4 by Stacia Kane

I can’t wait to revisit Downside! There’s no set release date yet for the continuing adventures of Chess Putnam. . . Kane has guesstimated a Fall 2011 release for book #4, and Spring 2012 for book #5. Honestly, I’m not too fussed about the wait between releases. . . because I have complete faith in Ms. Kane. I loved the first three books in the ‘Downside’ series, and I know the next three books will only get darker and better. All I really want is more Chess/Terrible goodness and possibly to read Chess’s sobriety (but I won’t hold my breath!).

Alpha & Omega #3 by Patricia Briggs

I love this series so much, almost as much as ‘Mercy Thompson’. It was hard going through 2010 without an Alpha & Omega release. . . but maybe the anticipation will make the third instalment all the sweeter. I can’t wait for more Charles & Anna gooeyness!

‘Supernaturally’ Paranormalcy #2 by Kiersten White

I really loved White’s first novel in the ‘Paranormalcy’ trilogy, and can’t wait for book number two (release date TBA). I am a total Evie/Lend shipper and I can't wait to see how much more awesome Evie's normal/paranormal life can get. I also really love the cover art of this series, check out this link to see a glimpse of the cover model at work.


Crossed by Ally Condie

Ally Condie’s novel ‘Matched’ appeared on my 2010 favourite’s list. It was such an amazing book and a revelatory YA read. . . and luckily, it was the first book in a trilogy. ‘Crossed’ is the second book in that trilogy and I cannot wait! I hope we get more about Cassia and Ky!


  1. Oh WOW! Great Post!!! I'm bookmarking it :)

  2. There are soooo many books on this list I NEED!! I forgot there was going to be a VA graphic novel - I'll def be pre-ordering that! So, so many potentially great reads coming up :)

  3. ok, so basically your post gave me palpitations... 2011 is gonna rock of what?? LMAO

    Not sure when I'll be able to log on again after tonight.. so I wanted to wish you a

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! That 2011 be full of accomplishments and joy to you and your family hon!

    Thanks for being such a good bloggy friend to me!


  4. I love your list!! So much matches mine!

  5. Always a thrill to see Alien in the Family on an anticipations list! Thanks for your part in making 2010 so awesome for me and here's to a super 2011 for all! *smootchies*

  6. Awesome list. I am super excited for Alien in the Family, too! It's my fave cover so far.
    And I love the Mercy Falls wolves. Forever is taking it to get here!

  7. Uuugh stay skeptical with Pale Demon. I just read some reviews on Good Reads by people who got advanced copies of it...and I'm seriously about to gouge my eyes out. Continue to be frustrated with the development of Ivy/Rachel. I really can't see them being endgame anymore. I honestly think Harrison chickened out of this storyline because of her fanbase.

    Yeah, and the stale romantic merry-go-round? Just shoot me. Just. Shoot. Me. I don't even think I even need to tell you who it is So predictable. I'll be borrowing this from the library.

  8. Bookmarked! So many good books this year and I am still so far behind!


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